Labnovation at AACC 2023


Labnovation at AACC 2023

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Labnovation team arrived at AACC(now renamed ADLM) in the United States on July 24,2023.

First of all, thank you for coming to witness Labnovation's achivements in the field of diabetes diagnosis. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive diabetes solution for clinical labratories.

As the world's leading supplier of in vitro diagnostic equipment, Labnovation exhibited a full range of HbA1C analyzers, covering laboratories and hospitals of all sizes, providing the most comprehensive diagnostic solutions for clinical diagnosis.
-Fully automated HbA1c analyzer LD-560 suits for middle size labs with 10-30 daily samples, uses the HPLC glod standard method for HbA1c testing.
-Fully automated HbA1c analyzer LD-600 specialized for big labs and central hospitals, equipped with a HPLC system, detects results of abnormal hemoglobin such as HbS, HbC, HbD, HbE within 2.5 minutes, β-thalassemia is also available on this robust platform.
-POCT HbA1c analyzer LD-100 perfectly designed for small labs and primary hostipals, the boronate affibity method can exclude the inteference of variant hemoglobins and has good correlation with HPLC method.

In the upcoming 2 days, Labnovation sincerely invites you to visit and share cutting-edge technologies of in vitro diagnostic development and discuss potential cooperation.