Children get Diabetes?


Children get Diabetes?

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Most of parents indulge their own children in China. They grant kids’ every request and do not control children’s diet. Therefore, many kids are easily to suffer from diabetes because of excessively drinking the carbonic acid drink, eating puffs and fries oil food. Diabetes effect on children’s developing bodies greatly, cause inconvenience to children’s lives and study.

Why do children get diabetes?

Why do children get diabetes?
Children are divided into two types: type I and II. The causes of diabetes are related factors and external factors.Factors including genetics, immune system defects, age and etc. External factors including viral infections, improper lifestyle and etc.
1. Factors associated with type I diabetes:
Autoimmune system defect: in children with type I diabetes can be detected a variety of autoimmune antibodies in the blood, such as antibodies of glutamate dehydrogenase (GAD antibodies), islet cell antibody (ICA AB).These autoantibodies can damage human islet structure and injury b cells of insulin-secreting from human’s pancreas islet, not allowing the normal secretion of insulin.
Genetic factors: type I diabetes have familial characteristics. Comparing with no family history of diabetes,if relatives had diabetes, children are more likely to develop this disease.
Virus infection: Before type I diabetes, the patient always have viral infections, and type I diabetes’ popularity often appears the virus.
2. The factors associated with type II diabetes:
Genetic factors:Type II diabetes is more evident than typeI diabetes. For example, or example, one of the twins is suffering from type I diabetes, the other one has 40% rate to contract the disease; but if it is type II diabetes, the other one has 70% chance to develop diabetes.

Vicious Cycle of Obesity
Obesity: obese patients’ excess fat concentrat in the belly and with more chance to have type II diabetes than others with fat concentrated in the hips and thighs.
Lifestyle: eating high fat diet and less exercise also can lead to diabetes.
From the genetic causes of diabetes in children is difficult to avoid, but parents should take steps to avoid improper lifestyle and diabetes in children.

If a child is diagnosed with diabetes, he or she should receive ongoing diabetes education.
Children with diabetes has many differences from adult, and children at different stages have different needs. Children fail to fully understand the treatment of diabetes, especially in the diet, requiring parents to be patient care and guidance. Based on the assessment, endocrine nurses will give diet, exercise and drug treatment advices and changes to control blood sugar, and also will offer guidance daily life with diabetes-related problems.
Diabetes in children, if the control is not satisfactory, sick longer prone to develop the eye, kidney and nerve complications in the future.
American Diabetes Association noted that after 5 years of onset of type I diabetes, prone to blood vessels or nerve disease. Children with diabetes are in period of puberty, after being sick 2 years, they need complications of diabetes check. If onset is still in developmental stages, 5 years after onset, they can do the diabetes check. But children oneset with type 2 diabetes, you can check.

As parents, they should do the followings to keep children away from diabete as possible as they can.
1. Newborns and infants do not drink cow milk. Some studies have found that infants feeding milk with higher incidence of type I diabetes, which may be related to milk protein stimulates children to generate antibodies to bovine serum. Supposedly bovine serum antibody of genetic susceptibility of the host cell surface protein Antigen-antibody reactions, can be induced type I diabetes.
2. Advocate a balanced diet. No matter which kind of diseases, better diet plays a role in prevention, therefore experts advocate the child to adjust the diet first to avoid excessive intake of energy. Dietary fiber is good for controlling blood sugar, improve lipoprotein composition, fiber-rich whole foods such as cereals, fruits and vegetables should be preferred. Second, reducing the intake of saturated fatty acids. There is a positive family history of diabetes who should be taken to avoid excessive intake of saturated fatty acids.

3. Urge the children to exerciseactively. The obesity is a main cause of diabetes, so exercise is important in preventing diabetes. Often participating in appropriate physical activity can make children lose weight, improve cardiovascular function, so as to prevent diabetes and its complications.
4. Let the child develop good habits. Teach kids not be food bias, actively exercise, time schedule, which can improve the health, strengthen the immune system and can play a positive role in disease prevention.Parents should set a good example, with practical actions the children's education and develop good habits.
For parents, there's nothing more important than to give them a healthy body.