HbA1c Control


HbA1c Control

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The blood sugar control target is well known by some people, but HbA1c is ill-informed accordingly. In light of it, labnovation is going to share below information with you.
American Diabetes Association (ADA) indicates that the HbA1c index from adult diabetes patients should be less than 7%, and suggests the treatment should be personalized. At the same time, 《The prevention guide of Diabetes Type II in china(2007version)》 points out the index of HbA1c under 6.5% is normal and the personalization to HbA1c control target is imperative. Then, how could the individuality of HbA1c control target be realized? Is it salutary if the HbA1c index is approaching the standard one?

A great deal of evidence show that the proper blood sugar control is conducive to prevent or postpone the diabetes complications. However, the situation will be harsher once the syndrome occurs. The blood sugar control effectiveness is limited, vice versa; the patients’ medical expenditure could be increased along with hypoglycemia problem if someone loses his or her sight due to retinopathy, if the dialysis is needed because renal function is insufficient,
Furthermore, if the average age in one’s life is about several years, it is nugatory to benefit from blood sugar control, at this moment, the blood sugar control target should be loosened to alleviate sugar control pressure.
The other factor to affect blood sugar control target is hypoglycemia.
The lower the HbA1c control target is, the higher risk the hypoglycemia takes place. Hence, we need to keep balance between the two elements.

How to personalize HbA1c control target?

In clinical application, the hypoglycemia risk, complication, age, financial condition, educational background and other incentives must be considered overall when the HbA1c control target personalization plan is carried out. Below suggestions are collated by 《the expert consonance on HbA1c control target in diabetes type II among Chinese adults》and consulted by diabetic patients, but patients also follow doctor’s advices for the specific control target. What is HbA1c control target and who are the target applicants?

①<6.0%:new diagnosis, young, no complication and other syndromes, no low blood sugar in hypoglycemia treatment, weight gaining and some side effects;no hypoglycemia medicine intervener; diabetic complicating pregnancy; diabetes newly discovered in gestation period.
②<6.5%:Those who are under 65 years old without diabetes complications and other severe disease accompanied; diabetes patients in gestation plan.
③<7.0%:Those who are under 65 years old with oral glucose-lower drugs but can’t meet the standard as well and then using insulin to treat; those who are over 65 years old without hypoglycemia risk, organ function is good, the expected lifetime is more than 15 years; diabetes patients in gestation period with insulin treatment.
④<7.5%:Those who have cardiovascular disease or are highly risk prone to cardiovascular disease
⑤<8.0%:≥65years old,the expected lifetime is 5~15 years.
⑥<9.0%:≥65years old or the expected lifetime of malignant tumor is<5years;high risk group in hypoglycemia; those who have difficulties in psychosis, mentality, eyesight and other problems; those who are in poor medical condition.